Kelsey Poe: Using "Amazing Story" About Being Widowed to Get Attention, Sympathy on The Bachelor?

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The Bachelor contestant and widow Kelsey Poe finds herself the subject of epic backlash following comments about her husband's death last night.

Specifically, and repeatedly, she seemed determined to share her "amazing" story with Bachelor leading man Chris Soules during Monday's episode.

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That was her word choice. Kelsey Poe, 28, was quoted on camera saying "Isn't my story amazing?" when speaking about the loss of her husband.

Of course, the death of Sanderson Poe and its impact on her is something Chris Soules should know about if he's getting at all serious with Kelsey.

The way she casually, even enthusiastically discussed the topic and went about sharing it with him rubbed fellow competitors the wrong way, however.

Some felt that Kelsey was holding the widow card as her ace in the hole, so to speak, waiting for a crucial point where she felt she could be sent home.

Poe ended up telling Chris about her "amazing" story alright, and viewers saw him consoling her and the two of them hugging. Mission accomplished!

Or not. Later on, after Soules canceled the cocktail party and fast-tracked the rose ceremony, paramedics were called as Kelsey suffered a panic attack.

Was that even real? Or a second ace in the hole? Given her erratic behavior throughout the second half of the episode, many fans were skeptical.

Then there was the brunette's Facebook update late last night ...

After the episode, she posted, "Sander's death was absolutely devastating, but finding a way to live through it and my strength to survive is amazing."

Her Facebook and Twitter feeds exploded with backlash.

Viewers chastised Poe for touting her "story and playing the "pity" card to stay on the show. Some choice reactions on the social network included:

  • "As someone that has been widowed myself, I found it kind of disturbing to call it an amazing story. Maybe it was the way it was edited."
  • "You seem to be using a tragedy to create a chapter in a new story."
  • "You thinking its amazing is appalling."

She responded with a second post on Facebook, writing: "Insinuating that I would dishonor my husband is ripping the scab off an unhealed wound."

"The pain," she said, "is tortuous," and plenty of viewers agreed.

Others fans defended her, blaming the show for manipulation:

  • "Everyone who feels the need to be vile or has the arrogance to speak with "authority" about [Kelsey] based on how producers edit a TV show is a f--king coward.
  • "Watching others make awful comments about someone who lost the one person who made them the happiest just makes me sick."
  • "Seeing the producers of the show edit the episode to create a narrative that gins up drama is just despicable. You are such a strong person Kelsey."

Whose side are you on? Should Chris keep her around?

Check out The Bachelor spoilers to learn if she makes it to the end of the season, and hit the comments below to share your thoughts on the controversy ...

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