Brian Williams Lip Dubs to Snoop Dogg Again: Watch the Anchor Drop Some "Gangsta Sh-t!"

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If you're not familiar - Brian Williams lip dubs are the best thing to happen to late night TV since the retirement of Jay Leno.

Back in June, we learned that Williams loves big butts and he cannot lie. Prior to that the anchor lip dubbed to Ludacris in a clip that still has us LOL-ing at the thought of the esteemed newsman "rolling on twenties."

Now the staff at Jimmy Fallon's Tonight Show has presented us with another impeccably-edited clip of Williams spittin' dat gangsta sh-t all over the Nightly News, yo:

Fallon and company went with the gangsta-fied Snoop classic "Who am I?" to celebrate their temporary return to the West Coast, and the result is one of the most hilarious B-Dubs clips to date.

This time, Williams gets some help, with a brief anchor from hype man Al Roker.

The best thing about these clips, of course, is that Williams has gone on record as saying he loves them and looks forward to each new installment.

Homeboy is not your father's stuffed-shirt anchor. Something tells us Dan Rather wouldn't be as cool with receiving the OG treatment.

Of course, when you've seen your daughter get motorbutted on Girls, seeing yourself spitting some old school gangsta rhymes must seem pretty tame by comparison.

Check out some of our other favorite lip dubs in the gallery below:

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