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Tori Spelling took her husband Dean McDermott back after he cheated with Emily Goodhand … but does she still have reasons to worry about him straying?

With none other than his ex-wife, Mary Jo Eustace, who he famously cheated on with Tori Spelling? He certainly would be coming (heh heh) full circle.

This rumor surfaced thanks to photos exclusively obtained by In Touch, showing Dean and Mary Jo out for a meal together with Tori nowhere in sight …

Dean McDermott and Mary Jo Eustace Together

“Mary Jo and Dean were so at ease with each other, they looked like a married couple,” a witness at Le Pain Quotidien in Studio City, Calif., reports.

The couple “embraced the moment they saw each other, talked for almost two hours and then warmly hugged each other when they said goodbye.”

Of course, given Dean’s history with Mary Jo Eustace – they have a son, Jack, together – he has every reason to keep things amicable and friendly.

Perhaps (and very likely) this was totally harmless. Dean’s says he wants to improve himself, and building a better rapport with his ex would be part of that.

Nevertheless, after what went on with Emily Goodhand, it’s not hard to see why the magazine speculates that this rendezvous could be the last straw for Tori.

Tori and Mary Jo have obviously had their share of issues in the past, as well. Last year, Eustace publicly said Tori Spelling needs help for her hoarding issue.

Among other things. She told In Touch:

“She needs serious help … she’s admitted her kids aren’t even fazed by her extended hospital stays anymore … all their fighting in front of the children …  it’s so dark.”

It sort of is. But as Mary Jo notes, it’s nothing new. Nor is the tension between Tori and Dean, as chronicled on the cringe-worthy reality show True Tori.

A pal of Spelling notes that she’s still insecure about Eustace, and has “always been threatened by Mary Jo,” despite asking her to be a part of the program:

Tori is supposedly “worried there’s still chemistry there between them” and at least according to this one report, she may have some reason to be.

“Dean and Mary Jo looked like a couple that were meant to be,” says the witness of their two-hour lunch. “Tori would have been livid if she’d seen them!”

She probably would have been, it’s true, but if we’re being honest, that says as much about Tori as it does about whatever Dean was necessarily doing.

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