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Via a new entry in her Bravo Blog, Claudia Jordan refers to NeNe Leakes as “dirty and evil.”

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After the now famous lunch between Porsha Williams and Nene, Jordan is making it clear: She’s got nothing but mistrust for her Real Housewives of Atlanta co-star NeNe, who she says “seems to be obsessed with my dating life.”

“FAKE! FAKE! FAKE! It’s crazy! That is exactly why I wasn’t so quick to accept her apology, because I’ve seen her do this to everyone,” Jordan writes. 

“NeNe says one thing and does another; it’s pretty damn odd and telling of her to flip flop like that so quickly. She says one thing, and then the very next time does the polar opposite!”

Jordan doesn’t think much of the alliance between Williams and Leakes, either:

“Note the contrast between my girls vs. NeNe and Porsha. While we are out shopping, going to events, laughing, going on road trips, supporting each other, visiting each other’s homes, and actually having real fun, these two “ladies” are always just sitting around at lunch being negative.

“I mean seriously, without their beefs with us, what would they talk about?”

NeNe has threatened to sue Jordan and Kenya Moore already over “trash talk” that could harm NeNe’s brand. So this new blog entry is probably not going to sit well with her.

But Claudia swears it’s her who should be on the defensive.

“Now some people may think that I have been quite aggressive with Porsha and NeNe, and I can totally see how one could think that. But this messy and mean spirited lunch they had was just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to showing how these ladies have treated others for some time.”

I don’t know about a lawsuit, but both sides seem to be able to dish it as good as they can take it.

Where do you think this stacks up in the list of Real Housewife feuds?