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There was a time when we thought seeing his daughter getting motorbutted on Girls would be the lowlight of Brian Williams’ year. Oh, how wrong we were.

In the weeks since that memorable scene aired, Williams was busted for lying about being a passenger on a military helicopter that was shot down in Iraq in 2003.

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Shortly thereafter, Williams was caught in another lie, as experts and witnesses questioned his account of contracting dysentery and watching dead bodies float past his hotel while covering the aftermath of Hurricans Katrina in New Orleans.

(There were no reported cases of dysentery and the French Quarter where Williams was staying was never affected by flooding.)

Now, the New York Post is calling into question yet another one of Williams’ tales of heroism – this one taking place in Israel in 2006.

The newspaper claims there are some major differences between Williams’ original account of his visit to a war-torn region of the Middle East and the version of events that he shared a few years later.

"There were Katyusha rockets flying just underneath the helicopter I was riding in," Williams recalled in a 2007 interview.

The problem is, in both an earlier blog post that he wrote for NBC, and an interview with The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart, Williams stated that the rocket fire never came within a quarter-mile of his helicopter.

Hardly the most egregious lie of which Williams has been accused, but still not a good revelation for a man who’s currently struggling to rebuild his reputation.

Currently, Williams is on a leave of absence from the NBC Nightly News and his return date has yet to be announced. If stories like this keep surfacing, he may not be returning at all.

But no matter what happens, Brian will always have a place in our hearts, thanks to his classic hip hop lip dubs: