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They may be co-stars on Real Housewives of Atlanta, but NeNe Leakes has made it clear to Kenya Moore and Claudia Jordan:

You do not want to mess with me.

According to TMZ insiders, an attorney for Leakes has sent a letter to both Moore and Jordan, warning them to stop damaging NeNe’s brand by engaging in trash talk.

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Specifically, Leakes is demanding that Jordan stop referring to her as bipolar. Her precise issue with Moore is unclear.

Just a few weeks ago on their program, Leakes slammed Jordan for kissing up to Kenya, with Claudia responding in kind and calling NeNe as “immature,” “bitchy” and “catty."

Sounds about right for these two, doesn’t it?

Those who watch The Real Housewives of Atlanta online, of course, may find this lawsuit nonsense a bit hypocritical of NeNe. She hasn’t exactly been above hurling insults at her castmates on this Bravo series.

To wit: Leakes once said Jordan was such a tramp that "her clit has left her body." Sorry. Earmuffs, readers.