Ariana Grande Calls Big Sean "Dad" on Instagram, Creeps Everybody Out

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After months of speculation, Ariana Grande and Big Sean confirmed that they're dating back in October.

Since then, Big-Grande has been an inseparable team.

They rarely make public appearances without one another, and they've both been known to gush when the other one's name is mentioned in an interview.

Just last week, Sean called Ariana his "best friend" in a remarkably candid conversation with Complex.

Big Sean, Ariana Grande Instagram

The whole thing has been a joy for fans to behold. But there's a weird side to this relationship:

You may have noticed that despite the fact that she's 21 years old, Ariana could easily pass for an eighth-grader with a profoundly inappropriate fashion sense. 

Sean, on the other hand, looks like a man in his late twenties, which is what he is.

The difference in appearances has led some fans to crack jokes about what sometimes looks uncomfortably like a cradle-robbing romance.

Unfortunately, Ariana has decided to get in on the joke, and the effect is downright icky.

She posted the above photo after the Grammys with the caption, "Dad and I had so much fun at the awards tonight!"

The post and several others like it were quickly deleted because...gross.

For his part, Sean is keeping it positive, as always, by posting inspirational YouTube clips like the one below:

Some of Sean's philosophical musings are a little tiresome, but you've gotta give the guy credit for putting some inspirational messages out there.

As a bonus, the clip features a rare candid moment between Sean and Ari around the 2:54 mark.

Enjoy it. Just try not to think about her calling him dad.

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