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Last week, hip hop mogul Suge Knight was arrested for murder following a deadly altercation on the set of a commercial for the upcoming film Straight Outta Compton.

The confrontation ended in Suge killing a man named Terry Carter by running him over with his car and then fleeing the scene.

It was initially reported that Carter was a friend of Knight’s and that his death was accidental.

Later, sources claimed that Knight killed Carter intentionally, following an argument. 

Knight maintained from the start that he was attacked when he arrived on set, and that he had been invited to the location as a part of planned ambush stemming from his feud with Dr. Dre.

Now, TMZ is reporting that Suge’s defense team has obtained videotape of the incident which clearly shows him being surrounded by armed assailants, which caused him to flee the scene.

The video reportedly reveals that Carter was in on the ambush, despite the fact that he arrived on the scene with Knight.

Suge claims that Carter helped arrange the planned attack by luring him to the set for peace talks with Dre.

The former Death Row Records CEO – who was shot six times just last summer – says he panicked when he realized it was a trap and did what he had to do to escape the situation.

Knight is currently being held without bail as he awaits trial.