Big Sean: Ariana Grande is My Best Friend!

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Ariana Grande is Big Sean's best friend, and has been since before the two music stars got together romantically, the rapper says in a new interview.

“[Ariana and I] started out as friends. I’d never done that," Big Sean admits, noting that for him, "usually you meet a girl and then start dating."

"We always saw each other in the studio, we’d talk about songs we were working on. It was cool to have a girl that I could talk to about my problems."

"I did that with her," he said of his best friend turned lover.

"It’s not some fake-ass, inauthentic s--t when I say we were friends. This is something special. I appreciate every moment of it,” Sean told Complex.

The two began dating under a shroud of secrecy, unwilling (or at least reluctant) to talk about it, as if doing so might make all the magic vanish.

They've since come to grips with dating in the public eye, however, and while still a private couple, they've opened up a bit about their relationship.

it's one that certainly looks and feels like the real deal ...

Another reason why Big Sean and Ariana Grande have a great relationship is because they know how to keep their long distance love alive.

“Sean is extremely dedicated to his career so there are times that he can’t be with her as much as she wants and that causes fights," a source says.

"But they’re figuring it out, he puts in the time. And she’s working on being mature about it," the insider adds, and the two communicate well.

"As much as she loves her work there is a part other that would give it all up to just spend 24/7 with Sean, but he pushes her, he won’t let her do that."

“He pushes her to do more and be more, he’s good for Ariana.”

It certainly seems like it. Ever since the two got together following his split with Naya Rivera and hers with Jai Brooks, the two have been head over heels.

Here's hoping it continues for these talented lovebirds.

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