Teresa Giudice: Fighting With Joe Giudice From Behind Bars?

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As you've probably heard by now, Teresa Giudice is in prison, serving out a 15-month sentence for fraud.

As soon as she's released, Joe Giudice will begin his 41-month sentence for similar charges, but until that time, he bears sole responsibility for the couple's four daughters, as well as for Teresa's affairs on the the outside.

In accordance with expectations, he's doing a piss-poor job on both fronts, and Teresa is reportedly fuming mad.

Teresa and Joe Giudice Head to Court

According to In Touch, several inmates and guards have overheard heated exchanges between Teresa and Joe.

"You could hear yelling and cussing on the phone," says one source. "She was having an argument with her husband."

Reportedly, the main bone of contention is Joe's failure as a father. Teresa's family visited her last week, but apparently the reality star expected them much sooner than that.

"She thought she'd see them right away, but that didn't happen," the insider claims. "Teresa feels like she's been cut off from her family."

Eldest daughter Gia Giudice talked about the prison visit on Twitter and stated that it went better than expected. But apparently, she also blames her father for the fact that the reunion didn't take place sooner.

"Gia refuses to speak to her dad," says the source. 

Part of the problem is the delayed visit, but Gia is reportedly also upset about Joe's parenting style.

"He went through her phone and blew up at her," the insider claims. "Now she wants to move out the house and in with one of her 3KT bandmates."

Sources say Teresa is attempting to discourage Gia from moving out, because she's relying on the 14-year-old to take care of things around the Giudice household.

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