Rihanna Promised Leonardo DiCaprio She Wouldn't Get Any More Tattoos?

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Earlier this month, we learned that Leonardo DiCaprio and Rihanna hooked up during a party at the Playboy Mansion.

Most people assumed it was a one-time thing between a couple of rich, young (probably drunk) A-listers, but as the rumor mill churned, it began to sound more and more as though Rihonardo might be the next hot power couple.

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First, sources claimed that DiCaprio and Rihanna have been hooking up for years. Now, insiders are saying they've entered full-blown relationship mode, complete with Leo laying down rules for his new boo to follow:

"Rihanna has always been the type of girl who does whatever she wants, when she wants," a source tells Hollywood Life.

"She wants a new tattoo but she's stuck because Leo asked her to promise him she won't let the needle touch her body until she falls in love again."

Uh...what? Leonardo DiCaprio telling a girl not to get any more tattoos until she falls in love again sounds more like the fantasy of teenage Hot Topic employee circa the year Titanic came out, and less like something that would actually happen in real life.

But don't worry; it seems RiRi is just as confused by the request as the rest of us:

"She thinks he's playing some kind of mind game with her and she loves it," the insider claims. "He's hitting all the right spots, and I'm not talking between her legs. He's making her feel good and stimulating her on an entirely different level."

Okay, the fact that this "source" talks like she's writing a Leo-based sequel to Fifty Shades of Grey is making us a bit skeptical, but hey...it's still more believable than the rumor that Rihanna is pregnant with DiCaprio's baby.

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