Mob Wives Season 5 Episode 7 Recap: WATCH THE INSANE FIGHT!

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Mob Wives Season 5 Episode 7 featured one of the more insane fights in recent reality TV memory. You gotta see the madness to believe it ...

Wow. The long-reigning queen of reality TV table-flipping insanity, Teresa Giudice, will either be proud or jealous after watching this display.

In 2016. When she gets out of prison and has cable/Netflix/Hulu again.

Mob Wives Season 5 Episode 7 saw the ladies of Staten Island throw it down like never before after a summit to discuss social media slams went south.

That may be one of the most absurd sentences ever written by THG.

Karen Gravano, who recently returned to the VH1 series after taking a season off, wasn't pleased with Natalie Guercio calling her a "deadbeat" on Twitter.

Renee Graziano isn't a fan of Natalie either. That's putting it mildly.

Big Ang and Drita D'Avanzo had no dog in this particular fight, but "if yous can't handle it," Natalie hilariously told the ladies, then "Come at me!"

Karen obliged, tossing over the table and tossing fists.

The hair-pulling, expletive-laced insanity that followed was one for the ages, and we strongly encourage you to watch Mob Wives online to see it in full.

It's the sort of reality TV moment that deserves the preamble and the postmortem, as well as the ability to see it in slow motion and on endless loop.

Karen said she was gonna "bald this bitch," referring to Natalie, and Drita tried to jump in but was removed by security guys who probably need reinforcements.

"Security rushed in and saved Natalie," Renee said, but not before she managed to throw glasses Karen and full-on bedlam chaos ensued.

"Out of f--king nowhere, Karen decided to flip the table," Big Ang later recalled. "Two f--king grown women rolling on the floor. Things were getting thrown."

"People were jumping in ... it was f--kng crazy."

It's not over yet. The drama continues next week, as things spilled over into the parking lot, with the resolution to this bizarre incident far from clear.

Where will it rank among these other memorable celebrity fights? That's a subjective question, obviously, but it certainly makes the gallery below:

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