Justin Bieber Trainer: He's Well-Endowed! No Crotch Stuffing Required!

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Justin Bieber's personal trainer is shooting down rumors that the pop singer stuffed his crotch or was Photoshopped for his new Calvin Klein campaign.

Justin Bieber Stuffed Crotch

The 20-year-old is "well-endowed," Patrick Nilsson not-at-all-awkwardly said in a new interview with Access Hollywood, which asked about his package.

"I can definitely confirm that he is a well-endowed guy," Patrick said in response to rumors that Justin Bieber stuffed his crotch. "I sound weird saying that, but yes."

Bieber's Calvin Klein ads hit the web this week, causing lots of 14-year-old girls to squeal and the rest of the Internet to laugh and or point out ... irregularities.

Britney Spears fan site Breathe Heavy (dot) com produced raw video screen grabs showing Bieber looking significantly less bulky ... and hairy.

Despite strong evidence suggesting that Bieber's abs and body hair were Photoshopped, Nilsson says the pictures are all natural. Even his private parts.

Justin Bieber Photoshopped

The trainer says that Justin is on a muscle building spree and that he's been hired to add pounds to the star's frame, with great success and more to come.

"Justin has put on 20 pounds of muscle," Nilsson says, noting that Bieber wants to look absolutely ripped for the ladies and is well on his way.

"He's still working on it. It's a work in progress. We want to put on at least 15 more pounds ... he's going to get even bigger. That's the plan," he adds.

Maybe, but the alterations to some of the pictures are ridick, and that doesn't mean he didn't also put a sock and/or small woodland creature in his briefs.

Just saying. You be the judge in the hawt (?) pics below ... and if you're a young Belieber, please do not threaten to kill Lara Stone. She gets paid to model.

What do you think: Does Justin Bieber stuff his crotch?

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