Teresa Giudice to Receive First Prison Visit From Family This Weekend

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It's been less than a week since Teresa Giuidice reported to prison, but reports indicate that the disgraced reality star is already having a profoundly difficult time. 

Sources say Teresa is earning 12 cents an hour doing menial work, and has found cause for complaint in everything from the food to the dress code.

To make matters worse, Teresa's eldest daughter Gia Giudice turned 14 yesterday, and missing one of her children's birthdays for the first time no doubt underscored the pain of being separated from her family.

Fortunately, insiders say both mother and daughter are currently psyched about the prospect of a jailhouse family reunion.

Teresa, Joe and Gia Giudice

Yes, Teresa will receive her first official visitors this weekend, as Gia and husband Joe plan to make the trip to Danbury Correctional Institution.

"[Gia] really missed Teresa and she can't wait to see her," a source tells Radar Online. "She just wants to hug her mom."

"Gia is a rock star. She has been managing the family since her mom left. She's totally grown up so much recently and is holding everyone together."

Shockingly, however, Teresa has made no plans to arrange for her three youngest daughters to visit, as they're still not aware that she's doing time.

"Teresa would like to see all four of her kids, but the younger kids don't know she's in prison," the source says.

Teresa lied to her kids when she was first sentenced, but it was not known until now that she's decided to keep up the charade.

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