Justin Bieber to Publicly Apologize For Bad Behavior at Comedy Central Roast?

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As you may know, Justin Bieber has screwed up quite a few times in the past.

The list of his indiscretions is too long to reproduce here, but in 2014 alone, Justin was arrested for drag racing while drunk, we saw video in which he dropped the N-word repeatedly, he egged his neighbor's house, nearly got punched by Orlando Bloom...

You get the idea. It was a rough 12 months, but Justin's latest behavior couldn't have been predicted by even the most ardent Justin haters. (Disbeliebers?)

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Yes, it seems the Biebs is shocking the world by...cleaning up his act?

Sources tell TMZ that the Justin's Comedy Central roast was 100% the singer's idea. It seems he wants the diss-fest to be filmed on his 21st birthday (March 1), so that he can take the occasion to apologize to fans.

Bieber's reaction to an SNL skit that mocked his recent Calvin Klein ad campaign showed that JB is finally starting to develop a sense of humor about himself, and insiders say the newfound maturity doesn't end there.

Witnesses claim that just this week, two men gave up their seat at an LA restaurant to make room for Bieber. Justin personally thanked the men and bought them dinner at the bar.

Insiders say the troubled pop star has been making a habit of random acts of kindness lately. One friend reportedly told TMZ, "The person I know is back."

Bieber apparently wants the Roast to serve as the end of the chapter of his life where he effed up left and right, and the beginning of his life as a "real adult." We're sure those closest to him can get behind that.

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