Justin Bieber: Stop Mocking My Hair!

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As has been made very obvious over the past few days, Justin Bieber has no reason to feel insecure over his body.

Did you catch those Justin Bieber Calvin Klein photos? What about the more recent Justin Bieber shirtless V pictures? Hot, hot... HAWT stuff!

But while his abs and his crotch can compete with anyone's in Hollywood, turns out the artist actually is insecure when it comes to a different body part: his hair! 

Justin Bieber and a Friend

On Saturday, a short while after dyeing his hair platinum, Bieber took to Instagram and half-jokingly made a plea to his critics.

“For all u fools saying cut my hair it’s in an awkward stage I’m sorry lol,” wrote Bieber. “But I’m growing it out and there’s gonna a be a period of time where it looks dumb lol a hat only does so much.”

Justin added the hashtag "#insecure" to the message.

This was a rare sign of weakness from The Biebs, whose ego - like his sexiness - knows no bounds.

The young superstar also took exception last week to a different kind of criticism that centered around his physique, as some believed the singer actually stuffed his crotch for his beloved Calvin Klein pictorial.

Fortunately, Bieber's trainer has confirmed that his client is well-endowed. Just as we suspected, really.

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