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Justin Bieber has gone platinum.

No, not music wise. The artist hasn’t come out with a new album in a long time.

Hair wise, however, Bieber has seemingly dyed his locks an extreme shade of blonde. Check out the Twitter photo below as evidence:

Justin & Hailey at the Met Gala
Photo via Getty

Bieber is yet to comment on the change, but he did publish a #ThrowbackThursday photo of himself with super light hair a few weeks ago, writing as a caption along with it:

“I thought I was eminem died my hair blonde every summer.”


So, what has inspired Bieber’s major change?

Maybe Selena Gomez prefers her men blonde. Maybe Justin wants to distract folks from the alleged rumor of his dad throwing a dog off a balcony.

Or from that wisp of hair growing underneath his nose that we suppose Bieber wants to pass off as a mustache, but which most fans would prefer to pretend does not exist.

Whatever his motivation, the fact remains the same: Justin Bieber now has crazy platinum hair.

Compare it to other uniquely coloed or styled celebrity locks below and then sound off: What do you think?!?