Fifty Shades of Grey Trailer: What Are You Doing to Me?!

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Valentine’s Day is only a few weeks away, Christian Grey 'shippers, and with that said, here's another Fifty Shades of Grey trailer to whet your appetite ...

During the 2015 Golden Globe Awards, we were given another taste of the film adaptation of E.L. James' novel starring Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson.

What a taste it was, too. One that leaves you longing to taste more. MORE!

Make sure you lower the blinds or mute the sound, too, because this teaser is a hot one in every sense of the word, equal parts sensual and romantic.

In this latest Fifty Shades of Grey trailer, the two get sexier than ever before.

Anastasia and Christian’s love story unfolds in the opening moments of the trailer, with Ana pretty much salivating over Christian in all his glory.

Then comes Ana's introduction to her boyfriend's Red Room of Pain.

That's when we suggest you grab a hat, and hold the f--k onto it.

Shirtless Christian, tied up Christian, Christian kissing Ana all over ... it's a lot to take in, visually. And that's not even all. We hear him ask his lover, breathlessly.

“What are you doing to me?”

The million-dollar question.

With her shirt and bra pulled up over her face, what he's doing to her is a question of even greater value. “Where have you been?” Christian pants.

“Waiting,” Ana replies.

The red hot ransacking of the sweet, unassuming, innocent Ana Steele opens nationwide February 13. Get your tickets now for the ladies, fellas.

Check out the latest 50 Shades trailer above, and click through some of the hottest highlights from previous trailers in GIF form to put yourself in the mood ...

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