June Shannon to Uncle Poodle: Stay Away From Honey Boo Boo!

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If you're like us, you were hoping June Shannon would just go away in 2015, but sadly, that hasn't been the case thus far. 

Mama June kicked off the year by breaking up with Sugar Bear (again), after she allegedly caught him cheating (again).

Then came the news that June and Sugar Bear were headed to Marriage Boot Camp. It seemed sort of odd considering they're not even married, but since when has anything about Mama June made sense?

Now, June is stirring things up and forcing us to pay attention once again, as she's apparently decided to ban Sugar Bear's brother Uncle Poodle from seeing her daughters.

This is June Shannon
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"Lee has not seen Alana [Honey Boo Boo] since the whole scandal started in October," a source tells Radar Online. "June banished Lee from the family, even the girls. She blames Lee for all of the family's fans turning on her."

"The scandal" to which the insider is referring is the controversy that erupted when the world learned that June was dating Mark McDaniel - a man who recently served ten years in prison for molesting her eldest daughter.

Most folks would say June is responsible for the fact that her disgusting actions alienated fans of her once-popular reality show, but the mama bear sees things differently.

Granted, Uncle Poodle provided photographic proof that June was lying about her relationship with McDaniel, but it's not like anyone actually believed her before that.

Besides, the whole thing could have been avoided if she had just, you know...not dated the man who molested one of her children.

Now, June is retaliating by forbidding her daughters (who had always had a close relationship with their uncle) from having anything to do with Poodle. 

Just the latest in a long line of selfless, level-headed decisions from the paragon of wisdom and virtue that is June Shannon.

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