June Shannon Opens Up About Mark McDaniel Relationship, Reveals Identity of Lauryn Shannon's Father

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It's been three weeks since the world learned that former TLC reality star June Shannon is dating convicted child molester mark McDaniel.

It was later revealed that Shannon continues to have contact with McDaniel despite the fact that her eldest daughter, Anna Shannon, was a victim of McDaniel's abuse when she was just 8 years old.

June has spoken only briefly about the allegations that she's allowed McDaniel to be around her children despite his deeply troubling past, and her answers thus far have made it seem as though the mother of four doesn't grasp the severity of the situation.

June recently sat down for an in-depth interview that will air this evening on Entertainment Tonight, and her flip, defiant responses to questions about her relationship with McDaniel and her children's safety are unlikely to win her any new fans. 

"I just want to tell my side of the story and let's move on," Shannon says at the start of the interview.

She goes on to claim that she's only seen McDaniel twice since his release from prison: once when they coincidentally ran into one another, and a second time during a group therapy session intended to provide "closure" for her 14-year-old daughter, Lauryn.

Shannon reveals that despite reports to the contrary, McDaniel is not Lauryn's father, though she admits Lauryn was raised to believe that he is.

Lauryn's actual father, June claims, is Michael Anthony Ford - a different convicted child molester who was apprehended on the NBC series To Catch a Predator in 2005. 

Ford is currently in prison on charges of sexually exploiting a minor, and is not scheduled for release until 2026. He is also the father of June's 18-year-old daughter, Jessica Shannon.

June also reveals in the interview that she has never read the court documents that detail Anna's accusations against McDaniel. She  says that she still refuses to speak with her daughter about the abuse that she suffered:

"I do believe that something happened...I told Anna not to bring up the past," June says at one point. "It would be hard for me."

The first portion of June's interview will air tonight during Entertainment Tonight.

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