June Shannon and Sugar Bear: Headed to Marriage Boot Camp!?

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Are estranged Here Comes Honey Boo Boo parents June Shannon and Sugar Bear headed to Marriage Boot Camp to work out their marital problems!?

Mama June, who recently kicked Sugar Bear out of her house a second time, citing his online "relationships," says she would be open to that very idea.

Suge may have other ideas, however.

The ex-couple has already been contacted by two different shows - VH1's Couples Therapy and WE tv's Marriage Boot Camp - expressing interest.

Both shows specialize in D-list celebrities airing their grievances and trying to work things out ... assuming they want to work things out, of course.

Last year, June and Sugar Bear called it quits - she says after she found out he was two-timing her with several women he had met on the Internet.

He claims his online flirtations are harmless and he never actually cheated, whereas June had a real relationship with that child molester Mark McDaniel.

Ironically for shameless reality stars, this romantic tumult is real and not manufactured for the cameras, which might keep Suge from agreeing to this.

June intends to follow up and meet producers to see what they have in mind, but she's admittedly not sure that her longtime partner will be interested.

Shannon is also bragging about setting his stuff on fire since he moved out, apparently, so we're not sure that bodes well for any reality TV reconciliation.

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