Jenelle Evans to Assume Custody of Son ... on One Condition

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Jenelle Evans' mother, Barbara, has had custody of her son Jace since forever. That may actually, finally change though, and the Teen Mom 2 star revealed why.

Bahhbrahh is giving her pregnant daughter, who has long battled substance abuse issues, a new incentive to stay clean for the sake of her kid(s).

While the reality star has always been given visitation rights, she wants to be able to see him on a more permanent basis, and her mom is open to the idea.

Provided, of course, Jenelle Evans makes the following changes in her life ...

“My mom has actually been really supportive and excited,” Jenelle said of her relationship and pregnancy with Nathan Griffith, who Barbara approves of.

“[She said], ‘if you keep this up for a year, I’ll give you custody of Jace!”

By this, Jenelle means stay sober. Clean and 100 percent sober.

Think she can do it? We'd understand if the answer were no.

Still, you have to credit Jenelle for making changes in her life, and most of them for the better. Gone, and hopefully for good, are her hard drug days.

Kieffer Delp and Courtland Rogers - still her husband, legally - both ran afoul of the law for drug-related reasons. Nathan, by contrast, is into “healthy activities.”

“LEGS, couple that works out together, stays together. #HealthyActivites” she captioned a pic of them at the gym ... and we hope to see many more.

If you watch Teen Mom 2 online, you'll see that these two first got together last winter, so it's been almost a year. By her standards, that's an eternity.

What do you think: Can Jenelle stay clean this time?

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