Unfriended Trailer: Skype Meets I Know What You Did Last Summer!

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The new trailer for Unfriended has been released, and it is pretty freaky. Prepare to be terrified by a Scream-esque film turning another form of technology into terror:


Unfriended takes the video chatting capability that is all too common nowadays and harnesses its power to be turned against users ... horrifically.

Just as Scream made land line calls petrifying in a campy way, The Ring disseminated fear via VHS tape and gaming consoles were used in Stay Alive ...

In Unfriended, a video of a high school girl getting wasted and presumably assaulted is released on the Internet. The attack on Laura quickly goes viral.

Her reputation ruined, Laura kills herself to escape the turmoil. Her classmates may only wish they had taken that route, as their pain is just starting.

When five friends get together one year later for a video chat session, an anonymous user logs in demanding information from the crew about Laura’s video.

One by one, things start to go VERY wrong as Skype meets I Know What You Did Last Summer in a film (due out April 17) that takes place on a computer screen.

Seriously, the whole thing is seen on one character’s machine. Should be interesting ... and enough to move to a cabin in the woods with no Internet or phone.

Technology is nothing but trouble. Who needs it, really.

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