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Aussie rapper Iggy Azalea seemed to come out of nowhere this summer with two chart-topping hits in "Problem" and "Fancy."

Iggy’s rapid ascent has caused onlookers to cry foul, understandably confused with the way Azalea went from virtual unknown to hottest rapper in the game seemingly overnight.

Some artists, such as Nicki Minaj, have claimed that Iggy’s success is evidence of racism within the recording industry.

Nicki and several others in the world of hip hop have gone so far as to suggest that Iggy doesn’t write her own rhymes. Some have even taken the accusation a step further, claiming that they know the identity of the ghostwriter behind Iggy’s hits:

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Iggy provided a guest verse on "No Mediocre," a track from the rap veteran T.I.’s ninth studio album, and it’s been rumored that their collaboration didn’t end there. 

Recently, T.I. addressed rumors that he’s the lyrical genius behind Iggy’s meteoric rise:


"I ain’t no ghostwriter," Tip said in an interview this week. "Iggy got her own ideas and her own ideas and thoughts that she presents to the world in her own way. I couldn’t write a lot of the sh-t that she say. I couldn’t put her thoughts into words.

Sounds pretty convincing, but then he backpedals a bit, adding:

"Don’t get me wrong, everybody in the studio helps with hooks and things like that…If Iggy can have a mentor, then I guess I’m the closest thing to it."

Frankly, we have no idea if Iggy writes her own lyrics or not, but there’s gotta be something fraudulent about an Australian girl who raps with the world’s thickest ghetto accent.