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If you follow Dan Bilzerian online, then you know so-called King of Instagram devotes pretty much every waking hour to his three loves: guns, gambling, and gorgeous women.

Naturally, such a lifestyle tends to take a toll, and Blitz’s ways have already caught up with him on several occasions.

There were the two heart attacks at the age of 25. Then there was the porn star roof-tossing incident which he’s still sorting out in court. Oh, and the time he was arrested for trying to make a bomb

The list goes on and on, but according to a profile of Bilzerian in the latest issue of GQ, it’s not the heart condition, or the army of pissed off porn stars that will cause the IG icon’s demise:

Dan Bilzerian With Giant Gun

"There are guns lying around casually in every room of the house," a friend tells the magazine. "They’re all chambered and loaded. You look at the guns and you look at all these women coming and going…and it’s hard not to wonder how it’s all going to end."

Yes, the combining constant, free-flowing booze, the largest arsenal outside of Ted Nugent’s house, and a steady stream of relative strangers doesn’t seem like a good idea.

But isn’t that the root of Bilzerian’s appeal? Lots of people have won a ton of money playing poker (maybe not $50 million like Bilzerian, but still). 

What’s attracted 6 million followers to Dan’s page isn’t the money or even the women, it’s the knowledge that your average dude couldn’t live that lifestyle even if he had the means because, well…he doesn’t want to get torn in half by a drunk stripper with an AK.

That’s why we should all be grateful that we have Dan Bilzerian to do it for us.