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She’s no Miley Cyrus, but Lady Gaga’s Instagram is still a pretty interesting place.

Where else can you see Gaga bald and topless? Or getting a tattoo on her butt?

Actually, she probably does way more scandalous stuff on stage, but the point is, Gaga’s love for attention doesn’t stop when the curtain goes down, so her social media sites contain just as much weirdness as her concerts.

Lady Gaga Topless Pizza Selfie

Take that photo, for example, it was posted over the weekend with a caption expressing confusion and shame. Not because of the boobs, of course, but because of the pizza. 

Following what appears to have been a seriously epic bachelorette party for a friend, Gaga was devastated to awake the next morning and find that she’d made a late-night booty call to Papa John.

“I’m mostly devastated by this photo I discovered on my cell phone taken at 5 am,” Gaga captioned the pic. “PIZZA IS NOT PART OF MY NEW DIET! I blacked out I don’t remember a thing!”

Pizza’s not part of her diet, but getting black-out drunk is?

We here at THG are proud advocates of pizza, nudity, and booze, and if you can find a way to combine them into one selfie, all the better. But don’t wake up the next day and blame your problems on the ‘za.

The ‘za is the least of your problems, girl.