Chris Harrison on Andi Dorfman and Josh Murray Split: I Had No Clue!

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Andi Dorfman and Josh Murray's split came as a surprise to their fans and Bachelor colleagues alike. Even host Chris Harrison says he was in the dark.

Having spoken to the couple just days earlier on the red carpet at The Bachelor season premiere, he thought they were doing fine like the rest of us.

Not the case in any way, shape or form.

The Bachelor spoilers can tell you who wins each season, but they can't predict the kind of awkwardness that follows once the bloom is off the rose.

[See what we did there?!]

"I had no clue," he told TV Guide, though he did have a hunch. "The only thing was that I felt [they] were a little off, but... they seemed happy and played the part."

The longtime Bachelor host went on to note that if he had known something was up, he never would have asked them about their wedding plans.

Andi Dorfman and Josh Murray said they hadn't had time to plan yet, and were "looking forward to just settling down and relaxing and having some fun."

Three days later, it was over.

"I wouldn't have put them on the spot," says Harrison, a father of two who recently got divorced after nearly two decades of marriage to wife Gwen.

"By no means did I know they were broken up and did that interview, because honestly, having been through a crappy breakup, I would've protected it."

"That had to be horribly uncomfortable and awkward knowing they were probably going to break up," or were on the rocks, he continued. "I was surprised."

"I hope Andi will sit down with me whenever the time is right for her, because I'm interested [to know what happened]; it felt sudden to call it quits."

As for why they broke up after six months, there's no concrete reason or third party or scandal involved that we know of, it was just not working out.

Where does that leave the beautiful Atlanta attorney as far as The Bachelorette stars and final rose recipients ranked by relationship length?

Scroll through the gallery below and find out!

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