Jax Taylor Gay Rumors: Confirmed By Castmates?

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If you watched Vanderpump Rules Season 3 Episode 11, then you know about the unexpected twist involving the show's most notorious ladies man.

Rumors that Jax Taylor is gay began to fly fast and furious following the SUR bartender's reunion with friend and former roommate John Walters.

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Compulsive liar Jax, of course, claimed it was all for ratings and that despite appearances to the contrary, he was never involved with Walters sexually.

His Bravo co-stars, however, say that's all BS:

"The rumors have been circulating for years," a source close to the show tells Radar. "Everyone knew about it a long time ago. It's nothing new or surprising."

The insider claims that the rest of the SUR staff doesn't think that Jax Taylor is gay, necessarily, or even bisexual. But that doesn't mean he didn't ... you know.

The consensus is that Jax probably hooked up with Walters in the name of experimentation, and possibly because the older man provided a comfortable lifestyle for him.

At the time, Jax was Jason, a young and impressionable kid from middle America looking to make a splash in the cutthroat modeling world.

"He was really young when he lived in Miami," the source says.

"It was just a life experience. Sure, they judge him for a lot of the dumb things he's done, but not for this! No one is treating him any different."

That's good at least. What do you think? Follow the link to watch Vanderpump Rules online to look for indications that Jax swings both ways, then hit the comments ...

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