The Interview: Coming to Select Theaters on Christmas Day!!!

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Well, it looks the score is now America 1, As-Yet Unidentified Hackers With Tenuous Grip on the English Language...also 1.

Yes, we begrudgingly give North Korea the "Guardians of Peace" a point for getting The Interview pulled from theaters.

After all, who would have thought a country where the height of technology is the OG-version of Oregon Trail could scare a major Hollywood studio into burying its big Christmas release?

They were a rag-tag group of underdog cyber-terrorists with a horribly destructive dream, gosh darnit.

But now the US of A has reportedly evened the score, as a "select group" of theaters will be permitted to play The Interview on Christmas Day, as initially planned.

The Interview Movie Poster

The announcement was made moments ago by the owner of the Alamo Drafthouse, who tweeted that his chain of theaters has officially been authorized to carry the film.

In case you recently escaped from a country ruled by an oppressive dictator and this is the first time you've seen the Internet:

The Interview is a comedy about the assassination of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un.

A group with ties to the nation hacked into computers at Sony Pictures, released damaging information, and even issued terrorist threats as part their effort to block the film's release.

It initially looked as though they'd succeeded, as every major theater chain in the country opted out of showing the movie, forcing Sony to cancel it's release.

But now, independent theater owners are showing the big boys who really has the balls.

(In case you were wondering - that's why your local arthouse has such uncomfortable seats. The owner has such huge balls he's uncomfortable all the time anyway.)

Anyway, Alamo is reportedly just one of several chains that's received permission to show The Interview.

So check your local theater listings and go shell out 10 bucks for some jokes about Seth Rogen's dong. It's your patriotic duty.

And in the meantime, don't forget all that we learned from the Sony hacking. Turns out execs hate Adam Sandler movies as much as the rest of us:

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