9 Things We Learned From the Sony Hacking Scandal

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The Sony hacking scandal resulted in a flood of private correspondence between top-tier executives going public. Here are some of the most memorable exchanges.

1. New Ghostbusters Cast Revealed!

New Ghostbusters Cast Revealed!
One email reveals that the studio is hoping to have Jennifer Lawrence, Melissa McCarthy, Emma Stone, and Lizzy Caplan star in the upoming all-female Ghostbusters reboot. Well, "all-female" isn't quite accurate. The ladies will be joined by an A-list male star, who will apparently need to be dragged to the set kicking and screaming...

2. Bill Murray is Being Forced to Play Peter Venkman Again

Bill Murray is Being Forced to Play Peter Venkman Again
Emails form October of 2013 reveal that Sony threatened legal action in order to get Murray to participate in the new Ghostbusters film. We're sure he'll really throw a 110% into the role.

3. Get Ready For Drake (as) Penis!

Get Ready For Drake (as) Penis!
Apparently Drake will play a character named Penis in an upcoming Spike Lee film. That should help him earn some much-needed street cred.

4. George Clooney Called Rupert Murdoch a "F--ker!"

George Clooney Called Rupert Murdoch a "F--ker!"
In one of the funnier leaked messages, Clooney attempts to placate execs who are fearful of being sued for his upcoming film (the appropriately titled Hack Attack). Gorgeous George assures the suits that there's no need to worry about legal action from "f--kers" like Murdoch.

5. J-Law is Known as "Peanutbutt"

J-Law is Known as "Peanutbutt"
Yes, Jennifer Lawrence's email address begins with "peanutbutt." It's probably better if we don't get the reference.

6. Boba Fett is Back!

Boba Fett is Back!
In addition to the highly-anticipated JJ Abrams trilogy, there's a planned series of stand-alone Star Wars films slated for the near future. An email from one Sony exec to a colleague at Disney indicates that one of the films will center around badass bounty hunter Boba Fett!

7. Angie is a Brat

Angie is a Brat
Scott Rudin fired off an email in which he referred to Angelina Jolie as a "minimally talente spoiled brat." We get the feeling she's not used to hearing that sort of thing.

8. Sandler Sucks!

Sandler Sucks!
One Sony exectutive complained about the declining quality of Adam Sandler's work, as well as the aactor's lazy apparoach to promoting his own movies. Sometimes the obvious needs to be stated.

9. Hollywood Loves Hillary!

Hollywood Loves Hillary!
Some of the funnier emails come from execs complaining about A-lost stars hitting them up for donations to Hillary Clinton's 2016 presidential campaign. "Steven Spielberg has hit me for 32 f--king k for some Hillary event," complains one bigwig. And you thought being forced to buy Girl Scout cookies at work was a pain!

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