Sony Plans to Pull The Interview From Theaters, Source Says

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It was initially reported that the Sony hacking scandal would have no effect on the release of the controversial Seth Rogen-James Franco comedy, The Interview.

Now, in the wake of terrorist threats from the North Korean group believed to be responsible for the hack, Sony execs are reportedly running scared and doing everything that they can to prevent further damaging attacks.

The Interview Movie Poster

This includes canceling the premiere of the The Interview that was scheduled for Thursday night in NYC...and possibly shelving the film altogether.

TMZ is reporting that Sony marketers are at work on a plan to cancel or postpone the film's release without making it look as though the company gave in to terrorist demands.

Execs are reportedly hoping that so many theaters will refuse to show the film that they'll be able to claim that they decided to shelve it for purely financial reasons.

The film features Rogen and Franco as journalists who are enlisted by the CIA to assassinate North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un.

The North Korean government has issued a statement denouncing the film, but it also claims to have no involvement in the retaliation against Sony.

Following threats of 9/11-style attacks, Sony allowed contracted theaters to opt out of showing the film.

Carmike - the nation's fourth largest chain of theaters - has already announced that it will not be showing The Interview at any of its 247 locations.

Insiders say Sony may be considering releasing the film on a pay-per-view platform.

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