Amber Portwood's Boyfriend: Obsessed With Jenelle Evans?!

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You might watch Teen Mom online so that you can memorize every scene of the trainwreck-fest, but no matter how obsessed you are you're not the number one fan of MTV's most addictive series.

That title belongs to a 43-year-old Boston resident named Matthew Baier, who live-tweeted the show for years, and is now deeply involved in the world of one of its most infamous stars.

Amber Portwood Glares
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Baier is dating Amber Portwood, and it's unknown if she's aware of his zealous Teen Mom fandom, but the briefest glimpse into his social media history would show her that her new dude is, like, totes OMG OBSESSED with Teen Mom!

Surprisingly, Baier never had much to say about Amber, but he was ruthless in his assessment of TM2 star Jenelle Evans.

Radar Online reports that Baier has posted "hundreds" of tweets about Jenelle and her boyfriend, Nathan Griffith.

"Poll: if you were on a sinking boat with Jenelle Evans and a cockroach who would you save?" Baier once tweeted.

"Jenelle have you ever gotten so high that you...never mind I know the answer," he asked the troubled mother of three on a separate occasion.

Needless to say, he's not a fan.

Evans and Portwood feuded for years before quashing their beef back in October.

We imagine Amber's involvement with a dude who's biggest hobby is trash-talking Jenelle will not be good for their new friendship.

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