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Earlier this week, Life & Style reported that Miley Cyrus married Patrick Schwarzenegger in a secret ceremony.

While that’s almost certainly BS, Miley and Patrick are rumored to be getting serious, and sources have even claimed that they’re considering moving in together.

If that happens, then we’re guessing Patrick’s housewarming presents for his perma-stoned girlfriend will include a Roomba and a live-in maid.

Perhaps not surprisingly, insiders claim that Miley’s place is filthy, and that Patrick stopped setting foot inside the House That Twerking Built shortly after they began dating.

“Patrick went to her house after they partied on Halloween, but he’s not spending much time there,” says one source.

“There was dog poop everywhere and her once-white couch was covered in burn marks and unidentifiable stains.”

Here’s hoping Patrick didn’t sit down on that couch. Even Arnold couldn’t save him from whatever he would’ve contracted.

The problem, the source claims, is that Miley collects animals, and as she’s been famous since she was a kid, she never learned to clean up after herself…or her pets.

In addition to her newly-acquired pet pig Miley has five dogs: Mary Jane (of course), Happy, Emu, Bean, and Penny Lane (also of course). 

Rumors has it, the pets aren’t housebroken, and they’ve basically trashed her several million dollar mansion.

If it’s ever proven that Miley’s animals are really living in such squalid conditions, she’s is in for some flak from the Internet.

Fans were outraged earlier this year when Miley’s dog was killed by a coyote, allegedly as a result of neglect.

Perhaps there’s more to why Maria Shriver doesn’t approve of Miley than we initially realized.