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Because she’s that big of a star these days, it’s been all over the Internet this week that Miley Cyrus’ dog died.

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The singer described her pain over the loss as “unbearable” and Miley even broke down on stage at one point, overcome with grief. 

A bit melodramatic, sure, but we understand. Losing a pet can be tough, particularly when the death happens in a violent, unexpected fashion as we just learned was the case with Miley’s dog, Floyd.

A backup dancer posted a comment on Instagram about Floyd, expressing his condolences (seriously, when celebrities mourn, the whole world mourns.

But when a friend commented on it asking what happened, the dancer accidentally revealed that the dog was killed by a coyote.

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It seems Miley wanted to keep this information under wraps for some reason. Perhaps she was afraid she’d be accused on negligence or just didn’t want to re-live the incident by talking about it. But we don’t think what this dancer did is such a bad thing.

Miley’s reaction seemed a little over-the-top when the assumption was that Floyd had died of natural causes, but her monumental grief seems a a lot more understandable now.

Well, this news certainly has us bummed out. Let’s move on with pictures of Miley gettin’ her twerk on, shall we?