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Leah Messer and Corey Simms may no longer be feuding over the couple’s twins, but she’s fuming mad at her ex-husband and his new wife, Miranda Patterson.

Over content on a Facebook page attributed to them but which isn’t even theirs.

Corey and Leah, who split in 2011 after just five months of marriage, agreed to a joint parenting plan in a West Virginia court this fall, ending their legal battle.

Tension still lingers between the pair, though … at least on Leah Messer‘s side.

Currently estranged from her second husband Jeremy Calvert, Messer went OFF on Facebook about posts on a page she believes belongs to the Simms.

“Things you see on Corey and Mirandas ‘official and APPROVED page’ is far from being true,” she wrote, enraged, in the wee hours of this morning.

“All I have to say about it is that they may want to be very WISE about what they post because a marriage that PRETENDS to be PERFECT is NEVER perfect.

“Especially,” Leah added, as if trying to be cryptic but failing miserably, “when there is way more not told to a specific spouse, and thats all im going to say.”

Should she really be talking, though? Probably not, for several reasons …

As for her marriage to Jeremy, she’s still acting like they’re together, despite the fact that his alleged actions (above) and words (below) say the exact opposite:

“Marriage is far from perfect but my husband and I are very much in love with each other and still remain married and that doesn’t plan to change.”

Tell that to Brittany Musick after her Jeremy Calvert sexting session, which allegedly took place after he caught Leah cheating with her ex, Robbie Kidd.

It’s getting ugly down in the Mountain State.

Anyway, sadly/hilariously, it appears that Leah blew up at her ex and his wife over a page that’s not theirs. Miranda says they don’t even have an official Facebook.

“Too bad that fan page is not official or approved by anyone in our family. We have no idea who runs it,” she wrote this morning in response to Leah’s rant.

Open mouth, insert foot, Leah.