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At first, it was hard to believe that Miley Cyrus and Patrick Schwarzenegger could possibly be dating.

They both grew up wealthy, with famous last names, but that seemed to be where the similarities ended. Patrick is American political royalty, whereas Miley is the tongue-wagging, twerk-happy offspring of a mulletted one-hit wonder.

But whether you can wrap your head around it or not, this unlikely couple is really a thing, as evidenced by the video of Miley and Patrick kissing that was taken at a recent USC football game.

The Hollywood Gossip

While most of us can simply shrug and chalk this one up to opposites attracting, one person has reportedly responded to this surprise pairing with genuine shock and outrage, and she may have the power to put a stop to the relationship:


Sources say Patrick’s mother, Maria Shriver, is "violently" opposed to the idea of her son getting serious with Miley.

Patrick reportedly knew that his mother would disapprove, and it’s for that reason that he and Miley kept things on the down-low before going public last week.

"They have been hiding it," says one insider. "The kiss was so orchestrated and so planned to be like, ‘OK, here you go.’"

The source adds that Patrick’s mother was angrier about the reveal than he had anticipated, and she described herself as "horrified" by her son’s new relationship.

That may be a problem for Maria, as it’s already been rumored that Miley and Patrick are falling in love.

So what’s Maria’s problem with Miley? Well, as you might expect, she’s worried about the impact that Cyrus’ wild behavior might have on 21-year-old Patrick.

"Instead of him being a good influence on her, she might be a bad influence on him," says the source.

Maybe Maria should just pray that Pat doesn’t take any relationship advice from his philandering dad, and let him do his thing.