Vanderpump Rules Season 3 Episode 4 Recap: Jax Taylor NOSE How to Be a Douche

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On Vanderpump Rules Season 3 Episode 4, Jax got a nose job because he's Jax, while Tom Schwartz found himself in a panic after an incident at the PUMP.

Meanwhile, Stassi tried to reconnect with the SUR crew at a party in Hollywood, but thanks to Scheana and Kristen, the reception was less than welcoming.

When Vanderpump Rules Season 3 Episode 4 got underway, Schwartz lasted about 25 minutes in the job he lobbied for years to get with Lisa's empire.

During his first shift at PUMP, Tom had a panic attack when a crush of customers swarmed in. He panicked about not knowing how to set up tabs, etc.

Dude up and left on the spot. It was pretty pathetic.

The most surprising (and warranted) scene when you watch Vanderpump Rules online this week is Katie, not Lisa, giving him the third degree after this.

Sure, Lisa was let down, but she can just fire him.

For Katie, this was incredibly disappointing, as it cast major doubt on Tom's ability to handle anything in life. What kind of long term partner is a guy like this?

Making matters worse for Schwartz? His colleague. Katie wonders why her man can't conduct himself more like a British dude who takes Beamer selfies.

We're not even kidding, and she has a point.

At least when James Kennedy gets fired for being a douche, he pens a hand-written letter to the boss, then shows up more than once to beg for his job back!

Lisa did re-hire James, if only because she was in a good mood at the time and they were short bus boys. How much damage could he really do there?

Tom, meanwhile, felt he couldn't take stand the heat, so he quit PUMP for good, surrendering his pink shirts and everything. What a sad excuse for a man.

Likeable guy, but so sad to watch in a way.

Speaking of painful men to watch on screen and may not actually be men, Jax Taylor got a nose job, which Stassi Schroeder says makes him a woman.

Jax spent most of the episode high on painkillers and acting incredibly pathetic, which was almost endearing in that his guard was totally down at least.

The drama came late in the night, at an OK! Magazine party, where the SUR staff attended and split off into two tables, a battle royale waiting to explode.

  1. Stassi, Katie, Peter, and Tom Schwartz sat together
  2. Scheana Marie, Shay, Ariana, Tom Sandoval, Kristen and James sat the another table, where Stassi was forced to go mingle for five minutes on a dare

Seriously. You can't make this stuff up.

Apparently Scheana thought Stassi was being sincere, which was sad, but then Kristen Doute started asking Stassi about Jax and things just got uncomfortable.

Scheana eventually caught on, everybody started beefing until Stassi got flustered and pulled a Schwartz, peacing out with her posse (which included Schwartz).

Good times with the PUMPers.

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