Jane the Virgin Season 1 Episode 7 Recap: Ready to Move On?

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We kicked off Jane the Virgin Season 1 Episode 7 with a flashback to a kiss between Jane and Rafael.

No, not the romantic one that concluded last Monday night's installment, but the first ever lip lock between the pair, back when Jane was 18 years old.

Why didn’t the relationship work out back then? Because Rafael never called, a fact Xo has not forgotten all this time later.

But Jane insists that Rafael has changed, an argument helped when he shows up at her door and says he wants to take her on a date.

Jane says she needs to go very slow, though, considering the baggage (sort of crazy ex-wife for him, unborn child for her, etc.) and her recent break-up, which she appears to be handling well.

That is, until Michael finds flowers sent by Rafael - along with a card and a mention of their kiss - and tells Jane that she isn’t “the person I thought you were.” OUCH.

Later that night, Jane and her friends end up at a club and, wouldn’t you know it, Rafael is there, too! Jane can’t take her eyes off of him, but she refuses to jump into a relationship out of respect for Michael.

Rafael gives a speech about taking advantage of the time they have and of the baby on the way and it inspires Jane to leave the club with him.

As you can see when you watch Jane the Virgin online, they head to Target and then to the hotel pool, just chatting away until dawn.

The night was rated PG, but Jane and Rafael fell sleep, prompting a freak-out from Xo, who called all of Jane’s friends to track her down. It also prompts a chew-out from the head nun when Jane shows up in the same dress the next morning.

Later that day, Xo and Jane have a heart-to-hear about making “smart choices,” with the former understanding her daughter better than she lets on. She has decided to end her budding romance with Rogelio and went out on a date here with the dad of one of her dance school students.

As for Michael? He ends up fighting with his partner about the Sin Rostro investigation and then totally getting it on with her.

Petra also had some sex this week, with former fiancé Lachlan. She does so to get the $350,000 needed to pay off Ivan, which Petra will receive upon passing along information about Rafael.

We eventually learn that Lachlan and Petra conspired to get Rafael fired, which forces Rafael to call and cancel their dinner date.

He tells her he's on his way to Mexico City.

To what end? The series takes a week off and then returns on December 8 with Jane the Virgin Season 1 Episode 8, as previewed here:

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