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The nauseating roller coaster that is Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott’s marriage has thrown us for another loop today.

Just last week it was reported that Tori had filed for divorce – a move that completely blindsided her philandering husband, Dean McDermott.

Now it seems the couple is once again “working things out,” and this time it looks as though the Spelling-McDermotts might actually have a shot at fixing their chronically effed-up relationship.

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In a recent interview with Dr. Oz, Tori and Dean opened up about everything from their parenting strategies to their cringe-worthy reality show, and we can’t believe we’re saying this – but they actually sound like a pair of sane human beings:


“We’re working on it,” Tori says of her relationship with Dean. “It will take time. I’ve asked him to listen to me, to take care of me, to take care of the kids, step up in our family and he he really has. He’s really working on himself and us.”

When the subject of Dean quitting True Tori came up, McDermott sounded equally level-headed. Dean claims he’s not leaving the show, and actually provides a reasonable justification for slogging through another season:

“I have clinical depression and I want people to know there’s help out there,” Dean says. “You’re not alone and that’s what I’ve learned through this whole process…you can get help.”

The couple even opened up about Tori being hospitalized for a nervous breakdown and her decision to make her health a top priority:

“I don’t want to keep going on like that,” Tori says. “I’m at that place where I don’t like the way my kids see me. I don’t like them seeing me as sick.”

So yeah, it sounds like these two might actually have a future together, after all. Watch True Tori online to see if they can make it last.