Paul Rudd Yearbook Photo Surfaces on Reddit, Is Amazing

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THG Programming Alert:

Because Throwback Thursday fall on Thanksgiving this week, and because we'll be stuffing our faces with turkey instead of stuffing your computer screens full of hilarious old celebrity photos, we're making a one-time exception.

Consider this (Old) Time Tuesday. And consider this a college yearbook photo of Paul Rudd, which some Reddit user somehow found online and which is totally amazing:

Paul Rudd Yearbook Photo

The hair, people. Look. At. All. That. Hair.

Is this the greatest famous yearbook photo of all-time? Iggy Azaleaas, Amethyst Kelly, may have something to say about that.

And, if we wanna go farther back to middle school, then Taylor Swift as a 12-year old (with cornrows!) will be difficult for anyone to ever top.

Once you stop gawking over this incredible Paul Rudd image, compare it below to other well-known stars in their yearbook photos:

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