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The new trailer for The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies doesn’t give away much in terms of the plot of Peter Jackson’s sixth (and presumably final) Tolkien adaptation.

What it does give us, however, is a sense of just how epic the Middle Earth send-off will be:

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This is basically the sort of film IMAX was made for. Thanks to the power of CGI, the five armies look more like 5 thousand armies, and the menagerie of mystical creatures look as real as the wrinkles on Ian McKellen’s face.

And if earlier films in the franchise are any indication, The Battle of Five Armies can expect a box office gross as big as its effects.

Last year, Desolation of Smaug smoked box office competition and went on to earn nearly a billion dollars worldwide.

Not bad for an adaptation of a 77-year-old YA fantasy novel.


Of course, a lot is riding on this final installment. Jackson’s decision to pad the beloved novel with enough extra material to fill three very long movies was a controversial one.

The critical consensus is that it’s worked out (for the most part) thus far, but if The Battle of the Five Armies fails to both wow audiences and deliver a satisfying conclusion, it may cast the entire trilogy in a new light.