36 Memorable Movie Posters

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We're collected a number of memorable movie posters here. Sit back and click around now!

1. Gone Girl Poster

Gone Girl Poster
Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike star in Gone Girl. The latter earned an Oscar nomination for her role.

2. Yeezus Movie Poster

Yeezus Movie Poster
The first poster for Yeezus is out. Kanye West, of course, is behind the mysterious film.

3. Captain Phillips Official Poster

Captain Phillips Official Poster
Two new Captain Phillips posters were released today. Check them out!

4. The Canyons Poster

The Canyons Poster
The Canyons has released a new poster today. Check out Lindsay Lohan in her new film!

5. Getaway Poster

Getaway Poster
Ethan Hawke and Selena Gomez team up in Getaway. The film opens on August 30th.

6. Matt Damon Elysium Poster

Matt Damon Elysium Poster
A new Elysium poster has arrived! Don't even try to not stare into Matt Damon's eyes, it's impossible.

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