Taylor Swift "Blank Space" Video: 19 Insane Girlfriend GIFs!

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Taylor Swift's "Blank Space" video has taken the Internet by storm, with the singer parodying some of the celebrity gossip world’s perceptions of her relationships.

And having one heck of a good time doing it, we would have to imagine.

If you haven't seen it, the Taylor Swift "Blank Space" video features her as the lovely, unhinged girlfriend of a handsome gentleman who lives with her in a sprawling manor.

Then she busts him texting someone else, and all hell breaks loose!

Swift, already channeling her inner Stage 5 Clinger by carving the duo's initials in a tree and painting huge portraits of him, proceeds to flip the f--k out.

Quickly revealing herself to be a full-blown psychotic, she melodramatically cries, scissors up his wardrobe, throws vases and wields axes and knives.

As the coup de grace, she goes full-on Elin Nordegren on his car.

At the end of the amazing clip, Swift watches him high-tail it out before he can swallow a poison apple as her next suitor arrives, ready for more of the same.

Pretty funny stuff from a young woman who is proving both self-aware and surprisingly funny, in touch with her own image and unafraid to poke fun at it.

See 19 GIFs from "Blank Space" that sum this up perfectly above.

“Blank Space” is the follow-up single to “Shake It Off,” also from Swfit's smash hit 1989 album and also featuring plenty of GIF-able moments at her own expense.

Check out that gallery of Taylor's bad dance moves below!

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