Lena Dunham Cancels Appearances, Orders Website to Stop Quoting Her Book In Wake of Molestation Scandal

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Over the weekend, conservative website Truth Revolt accused Lena Dunham of child molestation based on an anecdote from her recent memoir, Not That Kind of Girl.

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Dunham responded to the controversy by falling into a self-described "rage spiral" and denouncing her critics on Twitter.

Dunham described the accusations as "really f--king upsetting and disgusting" and she's since canceled two scheduled book tour stops in Europe.

Earlier today, Truth Revolt columnist Ben Shapiro tweeted that he had received a cease and desist order from Dunham's lawyers that threatened to sue the site for "millions of dollars" if Shapiro and company continued quoting from Dunham's book.

Shapiro has responded by tweeting several excerpts from the controversial portion of Not That Kind of Girl.

Dunham has been something of a controversial figure throughout her career, but never before has the 28-year-old actress and author been on the receiving end of so much outrage.

Earlier this year, Dunham stated that she was "disgusted" by Woody Allen after the filmmaker's daughter accused him of sexually assaulting her when she was a child.

Several critics have noted the irony of Dunham now defending herself against similar accusations, while others have aptly pointed out that Dunham was only seven years old at the time of the incident described in her memoir.

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