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Lena Dunham is squarely on Team Dylan Farrow.

Having come out in defense of sexual assault victims soon after Farrow penned an open letter in The New York Times that accused Woody Allen of molestation, the Girls Season 3 star appeared this week on WTF with Marc Maron.

And she offered up a strong opinion on Allen in the process.

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"I’m decidedly pro-Dylan Farrow and decidedly disgusted with Woody Allen’s behavior," Dunham said on the podcast, adding:

"But for me, when people go through his work and comb through it for references to child molestation, that’s not the f-cking point. I’m not comfortable living in a world where art is part of how we convict people of crimes.” 


Farrow made waves last month when she said Allen, who was dating her mother at the time, sexually molested her on multiple occasions when she was only seven years old.

Dylan even called out various A-listers who have continued to work with the director despite these allegations, publicly shaming Alec Baldwin and Scarlett Johansson, among others.

The latter spoke out recently for the first time since Farrow’s editorial, referring to her essay as irresponsible.