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Kate Gosselin is ready to get it done on Celebrity Apprentice. She says the rest of the cast had better be on notice, because she is a strong personality.

Mmm, that’s putting it mildly. Are we right, Jon Gosselin?

The prospect of a star-studded Celebrity Apprentice cast, which also includes Brandi Glanville and Kenya Moore, did not faze the mother of eight, she says:

“I feel really in my element taking on something like this. I’m really excited to take on a competition that I have a chance of doing well at, versus others I’ve done.”

Gosselin lasted just five weeks on Dancing With the Stars, but unlike that TV venture, she views Celebrity Apprentice as comparable to running her own company.

“I have a business-running personality,” she said.

“I work for myself. I’m the secretary, I’m the personal assistant, the president, the accountant … and I run my ship at home as efficiently as possible.”

“I am a strong personality,” the divorced star says. “But I think what definitely will come out here is that I’m not a pot stirrer, I’m definitely not a drama-starter.”

“Drama gets in the way of getting work done. And, you know, that’s probably going to be surprising to a lot of people,” says the Kate Plus 8 matriarch.

“Clearly there’s a lot of drama in my life caused by others, but I’m in the business – instead of stirring it – of calming it down and putting on the lid.”

Of course, she knows there’s room for improvement too.

“I’m willing and excited to learn whatever I can,” Gosselin noted, adding that she “admires” host and producer Donald Trump’s work ethic and family values.

Think she has what it takes to win it all in January?

Did you remember this show was even on?

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