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The Mindy Project Season 3 Episode 6 took fans on a movie date night with Danny and Mindy, at which point lies were told and myriad twists occurred.

Also on The Mindy Project Season 3 Episode 6, Peter is single again, so Tamra decides to set him up with a friend. You can only imagine how that went …

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When Mindy finally arrives at the theater, they miss the movie entirely, but the bigger takeaway is that Danny begins noticing how often she is late.

Spoiler alert: It’s awfully frequent.

To prove his point, Danny leaves before she arrives and Mindy fires back by making turning Danny’s watch back to make him late, a classic maneuver.

Danny also convinces Dr. Fishman that he is mentally unstable with his string of erratic behavior, and she asks Danny to see a mental health professional.

Who is Brendan, Mindy’s ex.


He tries to get Danny to open up about his issues at a group meeting, which leads to the surprising revelation that Mindy’s lateness strikes a chird.

Danny’s abandonment issues as they relate to his father make this a trigger, and he seeks to teach her a lesson about this by making her run errands.

With his mom.

Minday does realize eventually that her chronic lateness can have implications beyond her own life and says she will try to do better with this for him.

Peter, meanwhile, is set up with Abby, a romance novelist. Suffice it to say, Peter came in with different expectations and leaves the date prematurely. 

Tamra makes him apologize at a book signing, during which he falls in love with Abby’s book, but in order to really win her over, pens a story of her own.

At that point she agrees to see him again, hopefully signaling a real relationship for the unlucky in love Dr. Peter after losing out to Jeremy so epically.

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