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Think Steve Carell can only portray the bumbling head of a Pennsylvania paper company?

Foxcatcher will force you to think again.

The film, which opens across the country this weekend, is earning Academy Award talk for the actor, who stars as a real-life wrestling coach who lures an Olympic hopeful into his clutches.

Check out the trailer to see how Carell transforms for this role and then read through the very positive words critics have to say about Foxcatcher…

Foxcatcher Trailer

Foxcatcher is a gripping yarn all the way through, even if we’re not entirely sure what the point is. – Andrew O’Hehir

A despairing, intentionally disturbing film that draws us into a maelstrom of desperate emotions, it holds up a dark mirror to the American dream and does not like what it sees. – Kenneth Turan


Beautifully acted and impeccably mounted, it is light on historical details and heavy on atmosphere, character and chintz. – Manohla Dargis

This film is too subtle-and, frankly, too strange-to explicitly make some simple, overarching, grandiose statement. And yet, it gets at the complicated, unresolved nature of American life almost subliminally. – Tim Grierson

Foxcatcher is a supremely well-acted and well-constructed motion picture with too little going on and too little at its core. – Scott Mendelson

Simultaneously understated and grippingly edgy, this is an arresting examination of naivete, mismatched worlds and old-fashioned American oddness. – Joe Neumaier