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Candy Spelling is firing back at her son-in-law, Dean McDermott, claims that she hasn’t helped out her daughter Tori Spelling or her family financially.

In an interview last week, we learned that (supposedly) Dean McDermott quit True Tori, is possibly suicidal, and that Candy has shunned her daughter.

Noting that he sees Candy, 69, about eight times a year, McDermott was asked whether she shared any of her late husband’s estate with Tori or the family.

“In my recovery, all I can be is honest and no. No. There’s no financial help,” McDermott, who says he’s bailing on the show with five episodes left, lamented.

Candy’s late husband and Tori’s father Aaron Spelling was a well-known producer and worth hundreds of millions. Is his widow really withholding all help?

Not the case, her rep said in a statement:


Candy has provided financial help in the past and has offered repeatedly to pay for the children’s private schooling and Tori has never told her where to send the money.”

The grandmother to Tori and Dean’s four kids also says she “reaches out often to see them and unfortunately Tori and Dean are not often responsive.”

Tori, 41, has yet to speak out about the controversy on social media or in a statement, but if you watch True Tori online, you know money is a huge deal for her.

The alumna of Beverly Hills, 90210 (created by Aaron Spelling) admits issues with spending and saving, but is distraught over her lifestyle being taken away.

Potentially being taken away. She blew $18 million, supposedly, and are on the brink of going broke, if you believe anything you see on her Lifetime show.

She’s not on the brink of divorce, though, despite Dean boning Emily Goodhand last winter. They’ve been through the wringer, but are still hanging on.

“I hold out a lot of hope,” McDermott said of his future with Spelling, and making things right eventually. “If you don’t have hope what do you have?”

“I love this woman, regardless of what I’ve done. I love her and want to be with her. I want to grow old with her at this moment she feels the exact same way.”

Truer words have never been spoken, Dean. We wish him the best, and we’ll see what’s left of his reality TV career this week on True Tori Season 2 Episode 4

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