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Chris Brown is done apologizing for his beatdown of Rihanna.

In a wide-ranging new interview on Hot 97’s "Ebro In The Morning" Friday, the anger-filled artist was asked about the beating of his ex-girlfriend in 2009 and replied that he’s sick of addressing it.

The Hollywood Gossip

Yes, Brown admitted it has "remorse about it," but if you’re waiting on the star to apologize again for what happened… you’ll be waiting for a long time.

"You can only say it but so many times, and I feel like through the years I’ve said it enough, to where it’s like, ‘Bro, if you’re still on that, I feel sorry for y’all, because it’s over with.’"

Brown added that he and Rihanna have "made amends," which says more about the issues facing Rihanna than it does anything about Chris Brown.


The controversial performer also got into how he does some “crazy stuff” while on drugs such as sizzurp and Xanax, openly discussing his own deep-seated struggles.

“I think my demons [now] are being afraid of failure. The old issues still come up, but… it’s about life and moving forward."

Brown was recently ordered to complete four days of hard labor per week as part of his probation violation punishment.

Watch excerpts from his interview above and sound off: Should people stop bringing up the Rihanna beating with Brown? Or is it the sort of incident one should always be forced to revisit and apologize for?